List of places named for George Washington

This is a list of places in the United States named after George Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and first president of the United States;


States, Counties and Townships

For additional municipalities named for George Washington, see: #In the United States (below).
For 10 other states that have townships named for George Washington, see: Washington Township (disambiguation).

One of the United States, 31 counties, and 241 civil townships are named for George Washington.

Place State Type
Washington state
Washington County 30 counties
Washington Parish, Louisiana county equivalent
Washington Township, Arkansas 11 townships
Washington Township, North Dakota township
Washington Township, South Dakota 3 townships
Washington Township, Illinois 3 townships
Washington Township, Michigan 3 townships
Washington Township, Nebraska 4 townships
Washington Township, New Jersey 5 townships
Washington Township, Ohio 43 townships
Town of Washington, Wisconsin 7 township equivalents
Town of Port Washington, Wisconsin township equivalent
Lake Washington Township, North Dakota township

Municipalities and Inhabited Areas

Place State Type
Washington District of Columbia city
Washington Arkansas city
Washington Georgia city
Washington Illinois city
Washington Indiana city
Washington Iowa city
Washington Kansas city
Washington Missouri city
Washington North Carolina city
Washington Pennsylvania city
Washington Utah city
Washington Connecticut town
Washington Louisiana town
Washington Maine town
Washington Massachusetts town
Washington New Hampshire town
Washington Oklahoma town
Washington Vermont town
Washington Virginia town
Washington Kentucky village
Washington Nebraska village
Washington New Jersey borough
Washington Mississippi unincorporated community
Washington Wisconsin unincorporated community
Washington West Virginia CDP
Port Washington Wisconsin city
Fort Washington Pennsylvania city
North Washington Iowa city
Washington Court House Ohio city
Washington Terrace Utah city
Mount Washington Kentucky city
Mount Washington Massachusetts town
Washington Grove Maryland town
Washington Park North Carolina town
Washington Park Illinois village
Port Washington North New York village
Little Washington Virginia village
Port Washington Ohio village
Old Washington Ohio village
New Washington Ohio village
Washingtonville Ohio village
Washingtonville New York village
Washingtonville Pennsylvania borough
New Washington Pennsylvania borough
East Washington Pennsylvania borough
Washington Crossing Pennsylvania unincorporated community
Washington-on-the-Brazos Texas unincorporated community
Washington Mills Iowa unincorporated community
Washington Prairie Iowa unincorporated community
Fort Washington Maryland CDP
Fort Washington California CDP
New Washington Indiana CDP
George Washington City
Georgetown Kentucky CDP




  • Washington Place, Honolulu, private residence of Queen Liliʻuokalani of Hawaiʻi

Geological Features





In the United States

See also: #States, Counties and Townships (above).

Some of the locations below are named for George Washington:

Cincinnati, Ohio, is indirectly named for George Washington. The city is named for the Society of the Cincinnati, named itself to honor George Washington by comparing him to the Roman general Cincinnatus.

Outside the United States

Places named for George Washington outside of the United States include:

  • George Washington, a small town in Cuba's Villa Clara Province[1]
  • George Washington Avenue (Spanish: Avenida George Washington) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • George Washington Street (Serbian: Улица Џорџа Вашингтона/Ulica Džordža Vašingtona) in Belgrade, Serbia
  • New Washington, a small town in Aklan Province, Philippines
  • Washington Avenue (Italian: Viale Washington) in Rome, Italy
  • Washington Avenue (German: Washington Allee) in Hamburg, Germany
  • Washington Island, a coral atol belonging to Kiribati
  • Washington Street in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Washington Street (French: Rue Washington) in Paris, France; 8th arrondissement
  • Washington Street, Cork, in Cork, Ireland
  • Washington Park (Spanish: Parque Washington) in Barranquilla, Colombia
  • George Washington Street (Ukrainian: Вулиця Джорджа Вашингтона) in Lviv, Ukraine

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